Water-based Primer vs Oil-based Primer?

I started last week with a tragedy. I was going out to a fancy dinner with my friends from high school, and because it had been a while we decided to treat ourselves to a three-course meal at the nicest restaurant we could find. I was ready to spend more on a bottle of wine than I would be doing my weekly shop, and knew exactly the dress I wanted to wear.

Skip to the day of, I am getting ready and realise I’ve run out of primer. I don’t have time to run out and buy the same one again, so I frantically call my roommate and ask to borrow hers. She says yes (although she calls it a primer makeup??), and my crisis is seemingly averted. I do my makeup as usual, but really splurge on the winged eyeliner and contouring- a few of the girls going had a makeup YouTube channel in high school and I just knew they would still be judging everyone’s attempts at their so-called ‘basics’ even now. 

So I’m looking to die for, a little spritz of setting spray and the taxi arrives (I did mention that bottle of wine was just for myself, right?). The night kicks off with a popped champagne bottle and twenty voices competing for the loudest, most interesting story. I love spending time with my girls, and the time zooms by.

Here’s where the trouble really began… I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t alone or else I wouldn’t have had the control not to scream! It looked like half my face was melting, the other clumping and looking like I was covered in powder! I wasn’t sure if I’d been sweating it all off, or maybe my foundation was out of date? Everyone tried to tell me they hadn’t noticed, which was kind of them, but it was a total lie. I had to wash it all off with paper towel and re-join my friends looking as bright as a tomato.

With enough wine I’d forgotten it all, but the photos shared around in the group chat the next day was a stark reminder. I can’t tell you how much I stood out like a sore thumb. Perfect skin, perfect face, perfect eyeliner… me.

I was willing to lock it away as unfortunate timing shrouded in mystery, until my roommate asked if I’d put her primer back in her makeup bag. I had a look at the label and saw something odd.. It as an oil-based primer. I’d seen silicone-based primers before, and more often than not used water-based ones, but oil-based was a new one. 

I asked her about it and it turns out she’d found it because her favourite foundation works best with the oil base. I showed her a photo of my melted face the night before and she blanched! Apologised to me for not realising it would be a problem, as my foundation was water-based! And we all know that oil and water don’t mix… I just wish I’d read the label!

Fast forward a day and I decided to do my research on a new makeup primer, after almost swearing off them altogether (stumbled across this article before that could happen!). And it had to be water-based, no exceptions. I came across one by a brand called Lunar Glow on Amazon. It looked good, not too expensive, so I bought it!

Last night I went on a date and decided to try it out, my thought process was that if it was another disaster… I would never have to see them again! But it was magical! I checked my makeup three times throughout the night, and when I got home, and it never stopped looking like I’d just applied it! Not to mention, when I took my makeup off in the evening, my skin didn’t flare up or look clogged. A definite winner for me.