Veganism and Technology; so many unanswered questions

I want to get back to my blog roots so to speak with a chat about the advancement of technology. Or rather, I’m left wondering where the advancement is.

Veganism is something we have all seen rise with the 21st century, through fads, crazy animal rights supporters and new alternatives to non-vegan food the average omnivore would accept into their diet. But the main gripe vegans have has not yet been addressed, the treatment and killing of captive animals. Why isn’t there a more humane, automated way to keep chickens out of battery farms? Why are fishermen still using what looks like a primitive tool to kill a fish?

Or maybe the plan was always to transfer completely to lab-made meat, but I can’t see that happening. Farmers need a job, but we need more farmers with less cattle per farm. I think, I’m not really an expert on this… I just have an opinion! Honey is one of those things as well, you can buy local honey so you know it was made ethically, bees naturally make more than they need so its not exactly cruel to eat it. But if all the vegans, vegetarians and socially conscious omnivores starting throwing their money at these local, super ethical businesses, then maybe we could cause a turn in perception.

If I’m honest, I’ll be happy to eat vegan meat when they make it actually taste like meat. I had a beetroot burger the other day and as yummy as it was, it tasted like beetroot and not beef. What can you do, the tech just isn’t there yet? But from what I’ve heard beef is the current project, maybe chicken. But those flavours are so standard. Wait until we get to fish! Salmon, swordfish, cod, shrimps and bass, they all have a very distinct flavour and texture, it’s going to take years to perfect each one! So we need some technical help in the meantime.

This might be a ridiculous point, but then there are instances like in Australia, where there are too many Kangaroos. Yes, believe it or not there are too many Kangaroos, and are considered a pest. So, how is that problem helped? They eat kangaroo. Apparently it’s delicious, and I’d like to try it. So what’s going to happen when fake kangaroo meat hits it big and the Aussies are left to be overrun by those hulking boxers? I don’t know. Just as much pain for the animal, but extra waste on our conscience.

I guess the only field I’m even remotely happy with is vegan skincare. Beeswax isn’t so awful, although collagen seems to be, so alternatives are popping up everywhere thanks to sustainable innovation. We get the equivalents without feeling like we’re missing out on quality. Because lets be real, vegans miss out on a lot of quality. Halloumi, for example. Vegan halloumi is just entirely disappointing. I’d like to see how they fix that one!