Technological Advancements and their effects on humanity

Technological advancement is an incredible ongoing phenomenon that affects not only people but also every living and non-living thing on the planet.

They say Technology is destroying humanity. Do you really agree with this? Do you think as technology gets better, our society gets worse? Well, I strongly disagree with this.

I think technology is not destroying us; it exists to let us experience the highest possible quality of life available to us right now – one which is forever getting better and better. It simplifies the things we do like communicating with each other, makes our jobs easier, saves time and increases our productivity to boot.  It helps improve our healthcare industry and education, and many other positive effects can be seen in our modern generation. Despite the fact that it helps us so much, there are still people saying that it is destroying us.

In my opinion, the problem is the people who control it/are involved in it, and not the technology itself. Unfortunately, some people rely too much on technology that they become incredibly lazy. Sadly for them, this prevents them from learning new things and growing as a person.

Let’s take the example of computer games. Even the first generation games that were released around 30 years ago, were so highly addictive that often the people who played them lost the time they needed to take good care of their appearance. This is still the case today, but the difference is nowadays there are many more products available to us that we can use quickly and easily that greatly help us with our general appearance.

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