Taking Advantage of Technological Advancements

Technology is constantly moving in a forward direction and so many aspects of life are affected by this. One of them being media – there’s no question about that. We are directly experiencing this growth and expansion in our daily lives, just like those who lived few decades ago. They witnessed how DVD’s arrived replacing video cassettes. In fact, nowadays this technology is also outdated – Most people tend to stream media on their phones, tablets or laptops!

Technology has brought advancement to the health industry, cosmetic industries and others –  they are too many to mention. Better and improved technology has provided us with various ways to learn, work and relate to each other.

In many aspects, it’s hard to argue that technology hasn’t had a massive impact and affected so many people and places in a positive way. Despite this there are still some saying that technology decreases the need for manpower in many industries, which may be the reason why the number of unemployed people is increasing in some countries.

Personally, I don’t think technological advancement is the root cause of the high unemployment rate in some countries. In many ways it helps us create new jobs, especially through the use of the internet. Online jobs are widely available and remote workers are in high demand nowadays.

For me, It is just a matter of how you deal with technology and how you choose to use it for your own good. I believe we should be grateful we have it in our time. We should take advantage of it in a positive way. Try to think “what would be the use of advanced technology if we cannot even use it for our own advancement or self-improvement?” Agree?

Cosmetics is one specific area that is highly affected by breakthroughs in technology. I tend to take advantage of this by using a plethora of new and high-quality products to pamper my skin and look good.

Actually, I even ended up taking advantage of advanced cosmetics by purchasing a gift for my brother. I gave him a high-quality balm for his beard, and he really liked it.

All I am saying is that, we just have to embrace these advancements and make good use of them. Stop blaming technology for what you are right now. We are humans, we survived before technology, but it’s also not going away – technology still exists now without the brilliant minds that discovered and developed it.