How technology is affecting the men’s grooming industry

Millenials are probably the generation that gets the most criticism as of now for a multitude of reasons some valid and some invalid. Whatever your opinion on millennials may be you have to admit they are the most influential generation so far in terms of industries. They are at the age where majority of them are capable and do the majority of their shopping themselves. Understanding this fact means that if you want to succeed with your business ventures you’ll need to take their existence into account.

In the modern world understanding of the importance of technology is not something to be underestimated. In just a few short decades the men’s grooming industry has grown exponentially in size thanks in no small part to the social media generation. The idea of paying attention to your looks is nothing new for the most part but as an industry the drive to look good has never greater on men than it is now. With the readily available means of sharing your everyday life on social media it means having to look your best. Now the definition of what makes a guy attractive is also expanding. The thought of buying beauty products such as moisturizers and the like might have caused people to second guess their decision back in the day but now it’s something that no one would even bat an eyelash at. It’s not limited to one type of look as mentioned earlier you could go for the pretty boy look or you could go for the rugged sexy lumberjack vibe or some hybrid combination of the two, it all really comes down to personal preference.

Different products and different treatments exist for people going for different looks and that means that with the increase in demand there is an increase in opportunities. A simple google search for premium beard oil will probably yield you dozens of results of products available in your general area. And those products could be at your local store or online shopping exclusives, the range is vast. With this coming wave of generation Z perhaps we can look to millenials and the effect they’ve had on the marketplace and find that revolutionary idea that sends men’s grooming or any other market you can think of into its next stage. And isn’t it funny that when that idea is found a decade or so from then it will seem to the people at that time as though it made perfect sense and they’ll wonder why no one thought of it sooner.