Coming Back From Your Extended Home Vacation

I don’t like leaving the house very often. It’s not like I’m a recluse or afraid of the outdoors or anything like that just in case you were imagining something like a basement dweller for your mental image of me. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things. I guess the more appropriate statement to make isn’t that “I dislike leaving the house” it’s more accurate to state that “I prefer the comfort of my own home.” Given that we live in the 21st century my specific preferences are in luck.

I sometimes will have a couple of days where I have the luxury of not having to leave the house and the internet allows for all my needs to be taken care of. I’ll entertain myself by watching a few shows on the internet maybe play a game or two online and when I get hungry I’ve got the cuisine of different countries at my fingertips (though pizza seems to win more often than not). This is all well and good but the issue that tends to come up is when I have to deal with the aftermath of my little exit from society. Now the single biggest issue I would come across was the whole lost in the wilderness look that I tend to start sporting by the end of everything. Now for me this all comes down to a bit of a trim and a good long washing of the hair and the beard but for a lot of you this probably comes down to using a razor and being done with it. I want more guys to try out the bearded look but I know that a lot of you out there are either afraid the bearded look isn’t for you or you’re afraid of the responsibility that keeping a beard might entail.

So if you’re being turned away by latter issue I mentioned you might be wanting to include another purchase for your re-entry into society. Beard stuff is a bit more complicated than your average bottle of shampoo and some soap that I know we’re all (hopefully) familiar with so I understand the hesitation. What do I buy? What do I need? Is there a difference if I buy from a bunch of different brands and all I can say about those questions is that you’d be better off just going out and buying the best beard grooming kit, and I know that best is a matter of opinion but hey this is my blog and so my opinion gets to be featured.