Technological Advancements and their effects on humanity

Technological advancement is an incredible ongoing phenomenon that affects not only people but also every living and non-living thing on the planet.

They say Technology is destroying humanity. Do you really agree with this? Do you think as technology gets better, our society gets worse? Well, I strongly disagree with this.

I think technology is not destroying us; it exists to let us experience the highest possible quality of life available to us right now – one which is forever getting better and better. It simplifies the things we do like communicating with each other, makes our jobs easier, saves time and increases our productivity to boot.  It helps improve our healthcare industry and education, and many other positive effects can be seen in our modern generation. Despite the fact that it helps us so much, there are still people saying that it is destroying us.

In my opinion, the problem is the people who control it/are involved in it, and not the technology itself. Unfortunately, some people rely too much on technology that they become incredibly lazy. Sadly for them, this prevents them from learning new things and growing as a person.

Let’s take the example of computer games. Even the first generation games that were released around 30 years ago, were so highly addictive that often the people who played them lost the time they needed to take good care of their appearance. This is still the case today, but the difference is nowadays there are many more products available to us that we can use quickly and easily that greatly help us with our general appearance.

One such product is called moustache wax. For those that have mustaches, this the perfect little item that helps you quickly get yours in check with incredible ease. I’ve personally used the one mentioned and can tell you now that it’s great!

Technology never ceases to fascinate me.

Technology really is fascinating isn’t it? It’s advancement affects so many different areas of our life. When any mentions technology, people seem to instantly think about computers and smartphones. What a lot of people don’t realise is that it affects so many other industries too, like the food and beauty industries just to name a few.

I want to spend the next few posts exploring some of these different areas. I hope you like my work!

How this fast-paced world is affecting our skin

The western world certainly is changing isn’t it. Do you remember what is was like 20-30 years ago. Where every 3-5 years there would be some sort of technological advancement or eureka moment.

Going back earlier than that it would be once every 10 years. Nowadays though it seems like every month there is something new to get excited about.

One key advancement is the internet. Over the past 5 years especially I’ve noticed that we’ve all become a lot more connected and addicted to our smartphones, laptops and iPads.

This addiction has naturally led us to staying up later and later each night, promising ourselves that we’ll only watch one more episode on Netflix before we go to bed. 3 hours later you finally turn out the light!

Sadly this is the case with so many people nowadays. This lack of sleep is leading to some serious health problems, especially in the youth of today. Who would have guessed that advancing technology could actually have a negative effect on our health and livelihood.

It’s not only the younger generation that are being affected. People like myself often fall into this trap too. As well as losing sleep, I’ve also found myself looking much more wrinkly and old than I think I should be.

staying up late is bad for your skin

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried your best to kick your about and turn in earlier each night. But like me, you’ll probably know that this is easier said than done.

I’ve decided to take a different course of action to solving this problem. Knowing that actively fighting back against my ever increasing wrinkles and bags under my eyes would be no easy task, I decided to enlist the help of a good friend who has gone through similar problems in the past.

Her recommendation was to try some different under treatment products. One such suggestion was an aloe vera eye gel. She told me it had a really cooling effect (especially if you kept it in the fridge) and really helped combat all the nastiness under her eyes.

Her advice was sound to say the least. My eyes have had a wonderful transformation since using the product. Now I can have the best of both worlds – I can stay up late and not have my face pay the price. Win!

Incipient Human Technology

The world is changing at such a rapid rate. I really feel as if we’re at key moment in our technological advancement. That point in an exponential graph where things really start to get out of hand!

I want to use my new blog to unleash my thoughts on how the human race is moving with the times – documenting it’s successes and it’s failures. I hope you’ll join on this exciting journey!