My name’s Gabriel Richards and I firmly believe that the age we live in is one true technological marvels and they are progressing forward at a pace and scope unprecedented in the countless millennia that came before. And although some may think that our countless leaps and bounds are only significant in the grandest scales I am of the belief that the true testament of this current age of technology is in the small improvements and pursuits of comfort and vanity.

If you’re like me and believe the level of technology is well reflected in the frivolities that people are allowed to indulge upon then you’ll hopefully be intrigued at what I have to write about.

It pains me to admit it but I mostly came up with the name of this site because I thought it sounded smart. I thought it would encapsulate the meaning of the site which is following the developments we as a species have proved possible. But really I think I may have have overreached with the name I chose. It’s not like we’re no longer human but more that humanity is progressing at a pace that almost defies what we thought we were capable of as a species.

I don’t talk about the latest and greatest advances in the field of aeronautics or the groundbreaking theories in the field of theoretical or applied physics. I don’t think I’m qualified to undertake those subjects even if I wanted to write about them. There are other places you could go for better discussions on those. Here I’d rather talk about things that I feel are underappreciated in our modern world as they are still contributing factors for the betterment of humanity’s experience as a whole.