Love Loss Due to Bad Teeth

If you are sad or upset about something in your life, your best bet is to fix it as soon as possible because it will just get worse and worse the longer you leave it.

My teeth have been bad all of my childhood, there have been possibilities for me to fix them, my parents always suggested taking me to a private orthodontist London based clinic where we lived, but I always declined. I don’t know why, maybe I was lazy maybe I was scared, but I do wish my parents did make me just go through with it.

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My parents did not have spare cash when I was young, but they were always willing to take me to fix my teeth, it would’ve been better if I did it then as it would’ve been much cheaper, because as an adult the price seems to sky rocket. To me it did not really seem that essential to fix this little problem of mine as you could not really tell I had any problem unless you took a very close look.

Every summer I would spend a few months at my granddads house at the beach in Brighton. I would always look forward to it, there was a girl I would see every summer and we would have an amazing time together. One summer I was about 16 I met the girl again, although this time something was different. I guess when you grow up and become attracted to the opposite sex, any little detail stands out, and yes she noticed my awful teeth immediately “James, were your teeth always this bad?” she asked one day when I was just about to kiss her. “Im sorry but they are really off putting, umm, I have to go, Ill see you tomorrow”.

This statement from her was like an arrow through the heart, it was probably the worst thing I ever felt, and it pretty much affected every relationship I would ever have, in the sense I would always hold back and as soon as a girl started to like me I would get distant.

My best friend at uni noticed this was happening, what struck a cord with him was when I got distanced with his sister, he really liked that we were getting on really well but when I got distant it really concerned him.

I finally confided in him what happened when I was younger and why I always got distant with girls, he told me to stop being stupid and consider braces, they weren’t even that expensive “invisible braces in London are called Invisalign, I got them myself 3 hears ago and look at my teeth now!” he told me one night after I bailed on his sister another time.


I finally started taking my teeth seriously they had caused me so much trouble over the years it was time to fix them, I was too fed up. I started doing some research and found out that the the top lingual braces are done by London orthodontists, and they were easy to come by and quite popular.

I finally bit the bullet and went through with it, it was a little expensive but it was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Im so happy these days and even though the habit of getting distant with girls is still there Im able to contain it, Ive actually got a girlfriend now after being scared for a long time, and its my best friends sister.

I recommend to anyone with bad teeth to seriously consider getting their teeth fixed, because if they cause you so much pain its better to do it sooner rather than later, and its not even that expensive.

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